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Some issues that could arise when running the emulator:

"I'm trying to run a binary and the emulator crashes"
This version of Dualis only supports ARM9 binaries. The emulator loads the binary into main memory starting at 0x2004000, and then excutes it from there.
Make sure you're not trying to run a binary containing code for the ARM7, or one that relies on being executed from ROM.
If it still doesn't work, then your code is probably relying on some feature which hasn't yet been implemented in Dualis.

"Performance is really slow"
Emulating a machine like the DS is a demanding task. With a processor running at 2 GHz or more, and a decent graphics card you should be able to reach acceptable speeds. If your graphics card has poor support for reversed 15-bit texture format you might get a performance bottleneck in the GPU.

"The perspective is wrong in 3D mode"
Some geometry and matrix stack operations may not be correctly emulated, or emulated at all.

"3D demos give no output when the D3D renderer is selected"
The D3D renderer is unfinished and does not handle 3D hardware command mappings yet.

"My textures are missing"
The current version of Dualis only supports the following texture formats: 2-bit, 4-bit, 8-bit and 16-bit. Texture data must be in VRAM bank A and texture palette data in VRAM bank E.

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